Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to make quick crib rail covers without sewing!

This is a tutorial on how to make quick crib rail covers without sewing. They go along the top of the crib to prevent teething on the wood. Our first son chewed huge chunks out of the rails so this also doubles as a cover up because it looked kinda ugly. If you are strapped for time or don't have a sewing machine this does the trick. But if you do have access to a machine I suggest making some reinforced covers that can be washed.

HOW TO....

First you will need to pick out a fabric that matches the crib bedding/room palette, or baby's interest. I used 2 fabrics and just made 3 separate pieces along the top but you can do just one or many more. How much fabric? I bought 1 yard of each. It was more than enough for some trial and error. But if you want exacts measure your crib before purchasing. A yard is 3 feet.


You will need fabric scissors, tape measure, an iron, your fabric and quilt batting for padding. Maybe also a fabric pencil or marker to mark your cuts.


Measure your crib rails. You will need the length of the rail, the width of the bar all the way around for the padding, the width of the rail bars, and the spaces between the rail bars. Once you have the measurements you can start cutting. Get your fabric and take the length (mine was 26" for a side rail) and your width (mine was 4") plus add 3 inches on each side for the ties to hang down. So my total width will be 10 inches. My starting fabric was 26"x10".

Cut the batting to length, but only use the width that was measured for your top rail. (26"x4")

Place the fabric faded side up and put the batting piece in the center.

Hold the batting in place while you flip the fabric over. Run the iron over the fabric a few times to adhere the batting.

Once the batting is ironed you will need to start cutting. Get your measurements from the crib bars. Put a mark for each measured bar and then space. Mine were 1.5" bars and 2.25" space.

Once you've made the small slits, go back and finish the cuts all the way up to the edge of the batting. Leave about 1/4" space before the batting because when you fold it over the rail it will spread a bit. When this is finished fold up all the fabric pieces that will be your ties. Then cut off the pieces that are still hanging down.

This is the finished product. Just line it up and tie it along the top of the crib rail.

AND YOU'RE DONE! Hope this was helpful.

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